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Automatic Tally Systems

In the passenger transportation sector, scorecards are used for calculating the invoice amount of your client and the progress payment amount that will be made to suppliers. It is the most important operational and accounting-related area for the balance of income and expenses of the shuttle company. Required to be made diligently every day, the scorecard calculations about high volume projects or projects in a shift can be made inaccurately due to the heavy workload, and busyness, of corporate employees. It is now possible to automate these calculations via vita Suite App.

You and others should not make payments for non-operating vehicles.

Keeping Records on Tally with QR Barcode or NFC Tag

By scanning QR Codes or NFC Tags created for your shuttles via the vita ERP system before entering/exiting the vehicles, you can keep tally records. In this way, you can keep control of your scorecards.

Keeping Records on Tally with the Driver Card

After determining your checkpoint, you can keep records on tally if your drivers read their cards via card reader while entering-exiting the vehicle. In this way, the driver who does not arrive to the organization cannot receive a progress payment.

Keeping Tally with the vita Drive

Your drivers can view work orders that sent to their phones daily via the vita Drive Job Tracking App that is uploaded on their cellphones. At the beginning of service, driver tracking is started following the initiation of the work order. During the trip, the driver is tracked via his/her cellphone. At the end of service, the driver can complete the trip if required actions are taken.

  • Checking the Starting Time of the Service The driver should start the service during its starting time only.
  • Checking the Starting Point of the Service For starting the service, the driver should be near the starting location.
  • Attendance or Passenger Boarding Checking To finish the trip, passenger boarding should be done.
  • Checking the Ending Time of the Service The driver should end the service during its ending time only.
  • Checking the Ending Point of the Service For ending the service, the driver should be near the ending location.

Depending on the task status, the driver who can do these checking, partly or completely, can also keep tally. In this way, the tally records on the shuttle are kept by the driver who completed his/her task.

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Why Automatic Tally?

With the automatic tally, make your scorecard calculations in a fast, accurate, and secure way. Calculations on your tally records are made with service fees that are registered in the vita ERP system and your scorecards, and progress billings for suppliers get formed automatically. Therefore, you can make payments for operating vehicles only.

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