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Boarding the Service with Mobile Application

With the rapid integration of technology into our daily lives and the increase in the rate of mobile application usage among individuals, it has become easier for all sectors to reach the end user.

Thanks to the "vita APP" Passenger Mobile Application, which is available on both platforms, IOS and Android for the Passenger Transport sector, it is now possible to control and report instantly the vehicle boarding with the application installed on the mobile phones of the passengers, without hardware cost and installation! Via the Mobile Application; The instantaneous occupancy rates of the vehicles, from where, when, which vehicle the passenger gets on, which seat they sit in, and the information of the contacts in the vehicle in a possible COVID-19 case can be reported instantly through the system. At the same time, passengers can easily access service information and shift schedules of services with this application, while companies that receive service can also receive hour-based demand density reports, location-based demand density reports, etc., via the "vita Monitor" system. It can easily report the reports to be used for analysis via any device that can be connected to the internet and analyze its service needs.

The Mobile Boarding System also includes collection options for the service company. Passengers can create a wallet account on the application and load their balance online, and the balance is reduced in their wallet account for each boarding pass. Another option is the opportunity to collect the limited or unlimited boarding rights given to the passenger, with the passenger payroll breakdown and the possibility of collecting the passenger payroll in agreement with the company / school within the specified time period.

How Does It Work?

Passengers take a shuttle by reading QR Code attached to the vehicle entrance via an app installed on their phones. Information on location, person, vehicle, route, and time that are obtained via passengers’ phones are evaluated and reported within the system. Drivers can instantly check all vehicle boardings via the “vita Drive” app designed for them, or screens of passenger app/driver app.

Vita Drive Drive Application and Benefits

Mobile Boarding System can be integrated with the “ vita Drive ” Driver Application. So what does it provide?

  • • Instant Checking on GPS Location and Speed
  • • Managing Movement and Calculating Progress Payments
  • • Passenger Boarding Control
  • • Automatic Scoreboard / Dynamic Calculation
  • • Movement based real km and km based price calculation
  • • Number of trips, calculation and pricing for shift and ring services

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Payment with Passenger’s Digital Wallet

Your passengers can take the vehicle by loading an online balance to their Digital Wallets. They can view the boarding past and the available balance via the app.

The Month-End Payment with Reconciliation

Your passengers can board vehicles with limited or unlimited boarding rights you have given to them. You can achieve reconciliation about passenger boarding report at the month-end or determined interims.

Other Features

Passengers can view service information (driver, vehicle, etc.), routes of other services in the institution, driver information and documents, communicate via the application, and access other details about the service service from their Mobile Applications.

Managers, on the other hand, can instantly view analysis and reporting on the vita Monitor Company and vita Monitor School Information screens, and report vehicle occupancy rates, detailed passenger boarding, location, service, time, seat number and passenger information.

mobile boarding service with a mobile wallet account
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