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Why Student Shuttle Control System

Lately, upsetting instances that occurred due to Forgetting Student in shuttles have led the parties of student transportation to search for different alternatives. To prevent, and minimize, these types of neglect, our company has developed multiple solutions. These solutions have imposed an obligation on drivers, shuttle guides, or shuttle responsible to check inside the vehicle at the end of service.

Because Our Kids are the Most Precious Ones.

It is assisting to check the student shuttle, as well as, to spot forgotten items including bags, clothing, or private items early.

How Does it Work?

After taking attendance for each student, arriving at the school, and dropping off students in the morning, the shuttle driver should complete his/her work by scanning the QR barcode, placed on the backside of the shuttle, with a smartphone or by entering the password generated by the numerator, which is creating a different password every minute. Since this checking requires the driver to move to the backside of the vehicle, it is checked whether there are any forgotten students or items. Similarly, the driver approves the completion of service by checking inside the vehicle after dropping off his/her last student from the shuttle. When the completion of service is approved, the daily tally entries for the vehicle is made on vita ERP in which calculations for progress billing are made, and parents are informed about the vehicle’s arrival to the school, and its control.

School bus not checked message

The driver of an unchecked vehicle is warned by a notification first, and then a voice call. This information is also shared with the company officials. The information on the vehicle, that is not checked till the critical time, is shared with the school official and parent consecutively.

The Products Relevant with Student Transportation

vita APP Student
vita APP
Parent Mobile App
vita Monitor School
vita Monitor
School Bus Information Screen
vita Drive
vita Drive
Driver and Guide Mobile Application
vita ERP
vita ERP
Student Transportation Software

What Are the Control Methods?

There are 3 different methods for student shuttle control.

  • Control with QR Barcodes
  • Control with NFC Tags
  • Control with Numerator Machine

QR Barcode and NFC Tag are directly placed on the backside of the vehicle. When NFC Tag is removed, it loses its function.

The numerator machine is installed at the backside of the vehicle. It runs on a battery and generates a different 4-digit code every minute.

Student bus control with numerator
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