route and cost optimization

Route and Cost Optimization

To increase the profitability of companies, it is necessary to focus on labor productivity, cost reduction, enhancing business activities, and optimal utilization of available assets. Although such opportunities are tried to be created with experts of the relevant fields, who work within the company, it is also necessary to select "right" business partners who are experts in their fields, manages processes correctly, and causes the least questions and problems in order to receive contributions for the process from outside services.

One of the services that are mostly outsourced by companies is the shuttle transportation service. The shuttle service, even though it is not compulsory to be provided by companies, is one of the most important conditions for employees to choose to work in that workplace. Unfortunately, in some cases, choosing the shuttle company based solely on the cost causes some material (either get noticed too late or never), and non-material damages. This service that is bought to motivate employees can even create dissatisfactions and complaints about companies…

  • Passengers spending too much time on the shuttle
  • Vehicles that run late or be absent without notice
  • Passengers bearing the responsibility of knowing the route because of uninformed drivers
  • Difficulty in determining late/non-operating vehicles
  • Directing drivers to another route by aggreging with passengers
  • Not sharing contact information of the new driver in case of vehicle/driver change
  • Passengers who wish to go to a different address but do not know which shuttle to use and not provided with any guidance
  • Inability to track the vehicle location
  • The difficulty of controlling and tracking whether the vehicle/driver that you receive service from complying with criteria of shuttle service regulations
  • Inability to know whether vehicle disinfection practices are carried out within the right periods
  • Violations of the speed limit by drivers
  • Not correctly managing the employees' suggestions and complaints about the shuttle service
  • Inability to use passenger boarding systems due to high hardware and assembly costs
  • Utilizing more vehicles than are needed
  • The difficulty of determining the cancelation of shuttle service depending on the low occupancy rate
  • Difficulty in reconciliation due to deficiency or surpluses in scorecard calculations
  • Inability to make correct KM calculations and pricing for additional vehicle requests

These problems will cause both inaccuracy, or ineffectiveness, in companies' budget planning for shuttle services and a decrease in labor productivity and employee motivation.

With our Vita Suite 360º Passenger Transportation Management Systems, such problems related to shuttle service are removed! Not only you can accurately plan but also track whether people stick to those plans and manage accordingly.

Products Related to Employee Transportation

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Passengers Mobile App
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vita Monitor
Information Screen for Corporate Shuttle
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vita Drive
Driver and Guide Mobile Application
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vita ERP
Employee Transportation Software

Passenger-Based Scorecard

Via Passenger Mobile Apps, you can view shuttle information (driver, vehicle, etc.), routes of other shuttles and the driver’s information and documents, contact relevant people, and access other details that you would like to see.

Principals and managers can view analysis and reports instantly via vita Monitor Company Screen and vita Monitor School Screen and report on the occupancy rate of the vehicle along with passenger boarding details, location, shuttle, time, seat number, and passenger information.

Also, it is possible to make scorecard calculations based solely on the number of shuttle passengers. You can determine how many of your employees use the shuttle service and control your costs, by deducting the relevant balance from passengers' digital wallet whenever they take the shuttle, counting boarding numbers via QR code scanning, or taking attendance with drivers.

Passenger Based Payroll
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