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Online Payment System for School Shuttle Fees

Via vita ERP , you can receive online payments from parents of your students for school shuttle fees. The parents of your students can track payments and view the remaining balance. You can approve the student transportation services agreement online and decrease the number of school visits. You can remove cash payments in school offices or school shuttles by making faster, easier and more practical payment.

Prevent loss of money with online payment.

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How Does it Work?

Student payment plans, limits on installments, installment due dates, discount rates, special offers and student-based shuttle fee are determined in vita ERP system. These determiners are defined in the system by you in a way that they will change depending on the organization or different time periods. Via vita ERP, you can send the payment page with the link of “Receive Online Payment” to parents with SMS via the student details page or start receiving payments from parents via the page available on your website. The parents of your students can view the shuttle service fee with the student’s Turkish identity number registered in the system and instantly make a payment through available payment options, that are decided by you. If desired, the parents can view the debt amount via the vita APP parent mobile app and make an online payment for the student transportation fee.

The Products Relevant with Student Transportation

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Parent Mobile App
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vita Monitor
School Bus Information Screen
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vita Drive
Driver and Guide Mobile Application
vita ERP
vita ERP
Student Transportation Software

Online Payment Tools

By offering multiple options to parents, diversify your cash flow.

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