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The best for Student and Employee Transportation in Shuttles

Manage your company from any device, anywhere and anytime.

Integrated with every process of tourism and shuttle companies, Vita APPs are web and mobile-based application software with SaaS model with the ability to manage every process.

Independent from the operating system and the hardware, the program, with its user-friendly design that is suitable for every screen size, can function in every device with an internet connection.

Outstanding Features


Features of vita ERP

route planning screenshot

Route Planning

  • Optimization by the Traffic Data
  • Calculation for Route, Time, and Distance
  • Calculation for passenger boarding/alighting time
  • Calculation for Passenger’s Time Spent on the Shuttle
  • Screening Multiple Routes on the Map
  • Forming Route Lists with QR Barcodes

Student and Passenger Management

  • Automatic Fee Setting
  • Follow-up for Student Payments
  • a Bill and a Payment Receipt
  • Online Pre-registration Link
  • Passenger-based Scorecards
  • Passenger Based Payroll
student and passenger management screenshot
scoreboard and scoreboard screenshot

Scorecards and Tallies

  • Tally Processes (Automated via Card, QR Code or Vita Drive or else)
  • Proforma Invoices of Supplier
  • Timekeeping for a Company and Supplie
  • Taxi and Other Deductions
  • Management of Collective Progressive Payment
  • Collective Progress Management
  • Company and Supplier Current Account Management

Checking Account Management for Student and Supplier

  • Monthly/Yearly Student Payment Plans
  • Tracking of Payment Received and Available Balance
  • Viewing Discount Rates and Amounts
  • Sharing Current Statement
  • Early payments and deductions based on current process billing of the supplier / Instant check following extra charges
  • Cash Identification and Cash Flow Tracking for School Offices
screenshot of student and supplier current management
Personnel Management

Personnel (Passenger) Management

  • Passenger Shift Planning
  • Service Usage History (Viewing on the map when and where the boarding was done on selected dates)
  • Walking Distance to Pick-up and Drop-Off Addresses
  • Time Spent in Service Information
  • Distance to Institution
  • Passenger Based Payroll
  • Contactless Registration with Pre-Registration Link

Management of Progress Payment and Accruement

  • Time, Kilometers, and Fee Calculations
  • Do more than guessing how much distance was covered by your vehicles and learn how much distance was covered for which task.
  • Determine movement-based, accurate KM information, and determine the pricing based on the unit price for KM.
  • Track how much your rings or shuttles, that are priced based on trip, have moved within certain hours during the day.
  • Calculate your income and expenditure instantly
  • Manage extra business requests made by your customers including business trips and missions. At the end of the service, calculate the relevant travel fee based on KMs.
display of progress and accrual
Route Map

Route Map

  • Viewing all service routes on the map
  • Viewing all student and staff addresses on the map
  • Viewing all stops on the map
  • Viewing the instant completion status of the services
  • Viewing the scoreboard processing status of services
  • Tracking the movement of the services within the desired date range on the map
  • Instantly view the speed of the service, the pick-up / drop off time and order of the passengers.

Mobile Based Location Tracking

  • Instant and past time location tracking with high precision and maximum accuracy thanks to location data that is renewed every 3 seconds on average,
  • Viewing instant task status of services
  • Moving display of the past vehicle track on the map
  • Departure time, total mileage information, capacity, total number of boarding passes, vehicle occupancy rate, etc. view information
  • Viewing passenger information using the historical service
  • Automatic scoreboard processing with driver job tracking mobile application
  • Comparison of planned and actual route and mileage / time
mobile vehicle tracking
supplier application

Supplier Application

  • Viewing the details of the invoice to be issued for the accrued period on the application
  • Redirecting to the e-archive portal for issuing the displayed invoice,
  • Missing document viewing / loading
  • Notification editing for expired documents
  • Viewing vehicles and vehicle availability

Vehicle Occupancy Rates

  • Instant occupancy rate accurate from real passenger boarding
  • Accurate instantaneous occupancy rate from driver rollup
  • The distinction of passenger or registered passenger on board the vehicle
  • Passenger information in the vehicle for the selected date
  • Service frequency report from registered passengers
Vehicle occupancy
Fuel integration

Fuel Integration

  • Fuel card and plate matching
  • Defining limit to fuel card
  • Creating automatic fuel cuts at the moment of fuel purchase by providing one-to-one integration with the fuel company
  • Automatic fuel limit determination at the rate of progress payment

SMS Operations

  • To all drivers
  • To all passengers
  • To all parents
  • To all parents who has a debt or to passengers carried in a specific shuttle…
  • For those who have a birthday,
  • To mothers, fathers ....
bulk sms transactions screenshot
vehicle controls tablet screenshot

Vehicle Inspections

  • Inspect the conformance of your vehicle equipment, and hardware periodically.
  • Determine the checklist yourself and transfer inspections, that are made on the site, to the system instantly via mobile device.
  • Photograph the practices that are made and track them along with their deadline.
  • Monitor the audit service you have provided from your own system.


  • View any report instantly, or within a specified date either through list pages of all records or reports’ menu.
  • Within a specified time range, receive monthly, weekly or daily reports, or reports between two dates.
  • Export received reports as PDF or excel files.
  • Create your own report on your own and save it.
reports screenshot
document and document storage screenshot

Management of Letter and Document

  • Save your Letters and Documents on the system with unlimited storage space.
  • Take pictures of a letter and document by your smart device and save them on the system instantly.
  • View your Missing Documents and receive notifications before the validity period.
  • Access your documents wherever you are.

Complaint Management

  • View and archive all complaints received from customers along with practices that are made.
  • Reply to complaints and maintain customer satisfaction.
  • Periodically, determine which topics you receive complaints about and make a performance analysis.
complaint management screenshot

Other Features

Operating within the Scope of the Protection of Personal Data

The Law on the Protection of Personal Data, which came into effect in 2016, is determining the obligations regarding the data stored by institutions. Vita Basic and Advance store your company’s data in accordance with the law and provides operations within the same scope.

vita kvkk illustration

Get informed about anything regarding your business.

By setting changes as “I would like to receive a notification”, get notifications via in-app, SMS, or e-mail. Let the system remind you. Get notifications regarding contract expiry with your customers, fueling, vehicle changes made by your employees, the arrival of operating vehicles to your organizations, expiry date of documents and letters related to vehicle and driver … and any other specified situations.

vita notifications illustration

Protect your company’s privacy.

Protect the data and integrity of your company through user-based authorization. Through authorization, give the authority of viewing and identifying specific pages to specified users. Hide unidentified pages and descriptions from unwanted users.

vita authorization illustration

Get approval from company experts for all your costs and expenses.

Allocate responsibility to your employees by putting income and expense items into process, following the approval of any number of employees. Put fees of vehicle supplier, fees of vehicle company, transfer requests, additional fee, advance fee, extra work, deductions, and all other pricing scenarios into operation, following the approval of officials identified by you.

vita approval mechanisms illustration

Manage all your business from a single platform.

Integrate vita with other systems that you are using, eliminating job repetition. Let your employees focus on their main tasks. View your company’s current situation on the system and receive a report.
SMS; Send same SMSs to a group of people identified by you, or plan sending on future dates. Plan sending SMSs that you like to send repeatedly in specific periods. General Accounting; through integration with general accounting program used by your company, you can send invoices, that are formed by vita, as an order.

vita integrations illustration

QR and NFC Processes

Simplify your job during field operations by using QR and NFC processes.
student (qr) service control icon

Student Service Control

We control students and goods with the barcode placed inside and behind the vehicle by checking daily. For more information

qr passenger boarding icon

Passenger Boarding and Occupancy Rate

As an alternative to the card reading system, you can track passenger boarding via mobile devices of passengers. For more information

scoreboard icon with qr

Vehicle Arrivals and Tally

By checking vehicle arrivals at the school or factory entrances, we are keeping automatic tally and making scorecard calculations. For more information

pdks icon with qr

Notes on the Control System of Employee Attendance

Via the Control System of Employee Attendance, check employee attendance via tags that are placed on your workplaces and branches.

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