Passanger Information System With QR Barcode For Periodical Inspection Of Vehicle And COVID-19 Disinfection

Passanger Information System With QR Barcode For Periodical Inspection Of Vehicle And COVID-19 Disinfection

Within the scope of occupational health and safety, it is possible to inspect your company's shuttles within specific periods and control whether determined failures were removed within a given deadline with vita ERP.
Your own inspection team, a subcontracted inspection team, or an inspection company, which your company has an agreement, can make field inspections periodically with vita ERP Inspection Team users via tablet or smartphones.
Include the organization of disinfections made within the scope of COVID-19 Measures into the system!
The inspection team puts QR barcodes, which are generated in the system, on vehicles/ entrance of locations that are inspected and/or disinfected. Passengers can scan the barcode whenever they wish in order to view the inspection and disinfection dates of the shuttle.

  • Inspect the suitability of your shuttles' equipment and hardware periodically.
  • Determine your own checklist and transfer your field inspections into the system instantly via your mobile phone.
  • Photograph and track all implemented practices along with their deadlines.
  • Get notified about upcoming setbacks and rate your drivers.
  • View information on inspections and disinfections via QR Barcode

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In which passenger transportation models, can be adapted?

You can use the Vehicle Inspection and Disinfection Tracking System on any passenger transportation model that can be managed in vita ERP and vita Transfer systems.

  • Student and School Shuttles
  • Employee and Corporate Shuttles
  • Factory Shuttles, and Shuttles Used for Shift Changes
  • Rings and Shuttles
  • Shuttle for Teachers and Guides
  • Shuttle for Pilots and Flight Attendants
  • Tours and Transfers
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