Outstanding Features

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Design Adaptive to Every Device

Independent from the operating system and the hardware, the program, with its user-friendly design that is suitable for every screen size, can function in every device with an internet connection.

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Secure Cloud Server

All data is stored in an encrypted form on a secure cloud server. Even if user computers or devices crash, your data remains protected.

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Multielement System Configuration

On the transfer system covering management, client panels, passenger and driver apps, you use services that you need and pay accordingly.

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U-ETDS Integration

While giving services to your corporate or individual clients, you can fulfill your legal requirement by uploading transfer details on the U-ETDS system with one click.



For transfers, tracking and managing the driver is done via the “vita Drive” driver app, available both IOS and Android platforms. Information about driver and vehicle location, transfer, passenger boarding, task completion is managed and tracked on the driver app.

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How the transfer is done?


Transfer Request

Your passengers make transfer requests via your screens or mobile app, based on parameters determined by you.

Request Approval / Payment

Before assigning vehicles to a transfer request, the system can request approval from certain users or officials, or requests are registered into the system without approval. If it is expected from the client, he/she can continue the transaction by paying the transfer fee via the app.

Smart Vehicle Assignment

You can decide the most suitable vehicle on the map, or leave the decision making about the vehicle assignment to the system itself. Transfer information is sent to the driver of the appointed vehicle via the vita Drive app or SMS.

Informing Passengers

When the vehicle assignment is done, the transfer details are sent to your customer. Your customers can view vehicle information, and current vehicle location and can contact the driver.


From the start to the end of service, you can view all movement within the system instantly. Via vitaDrive, the driver can receive navigational assistance regarding pick up/drop off locations of the passenger, and contact them.

The End of Transfer

When the transfer is completed, a mini survey is sent to the passenger to score the trip and driver. The information on transfer’s start-end time, address, distance, and duration are reported and reflected on cost and progress billings calculations.

Features of vita Transfer

corporate demand screens

Ability to Use Your Own Screens

The vita Transfer system is based on web API architecture with the ability to integrate into your own system. Via your own screens, you can receive requests and share the transfer status with your passengers.

Price Calculation

For corporate and individual travels, price algorithms are developed and managed, specific to the corporate. You can link your unit pricing with dynamic parameters, such as fuel prices, and include tool charges for bridge, highway, and tunnel to your prices.

dynamic pricing screen
limit screen


You can divide your customers into groups and determine the limits and conditions of the transfer. You can determine daily, weekly, or monthly transfer number limits, distance limits, and requestable location limits and time range, or provide service limitlessly.

The Request Approvals / Payment and Invoice

You can obtain approval for transfer requests, or directly enter them into the system. Via the system, you can make online reconciliation with your clients for a desired period of time, receive payments, and generate invoices.

transfer request confirmation screen
vehicle assignment screen

Assigning Vehicles to Requests

By viewing the location and availability of vehicles, you can determine the most suitable vehicle for your pending requests. Or the system does all that for you, letting you only follow.

Progress Billings Calculation

You can calculate progress billings for active vehicles and drivers, and view your cost and income.

progress payment calculation screen
u-etds screen

About the activities of natural and legal persons operating in compliance with the regulations in Turkey, relevant data determined by the Ministry will be stored and therefore, all requests and movements are shared with state institutions and organizations.

U-ETDS Integration

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