vita Suite Tracking System for Student Shuttles

vita Student Tracking and Notification Software is mobile-based software for student shuttles, accompanying students during their travel between home and school in secure and trackable way. To ease daily life, end parents’ concerns, and provide security for students, all service receiving organizations and institutions can find solutions for all their requests and expectations at an affordable price.

Vita Student Tracking and Notification System can function without requiring another hardware (such as a GPS device or Tablet). All data is obtained from vita Drive which runs in driver’s or shuttle guide’s smartphones. The system, which does not require assembly and physical installation, can be ready to use in one business day thanks to easy usage and installation. In the case of potential vehicle and driver changes, the system can function smoothly.

Vita Student Tracking and Notification System offers 4 different mobile and web-based app for parents, schools, drivers/shuttle guides, and shuttle companies. Via vita APP, parents can access the school shuttle details, contact information for drivers and shuttle guides, and document information. The location and speed of vehicle can be tracked instantly, along with the traffic status. Notifications regarding an approaching vehicle, student boarding/alighting, student pick-up and drop-off points, vehicle’s arrival to/departure from the school can be received, these notifications can be managed. An information on absentee students can be sent to the shuttle driver. Information on absentee students can be sent to the shuttle driver. For more detailed information, please check the vita APP.

When the shuttle has arrived at the student’s house, the time spent till the student taking the shuttle is calculated as “the holding time of shuttle”.

How Does It Work?

For students that are registered in the system, the shuttle fee is determined depending on the neighborhood the distance to the institution. The optimal shuttle routes are determined by calculating timing of picking/dropping students, distance, and the duration of route via Premium Google Maps. The approved routes are sent as business order to drivers. Viewing all route details, the driver starts his/her task by approving the business order. With the start of service, the information about the upcoming shuttle is sent to the next student’s parent. During this process, parents can instantly track the shuttle location via vita APP. When the shuttle has reached to the address to pick up the student, the time spent on waiting the student is calculated. After the student boarded shuttle, the status info is sent to parent via the Driver app. This system can work integrated with alternative boarding control practices including bracelet, card and finger readers. After the shuttle reached the school and dropped off students, the checking is done with one of our in-vehicle control systems and parents get informed. In case of returning from school to home, the information about student leaving the school and arriving home are sent to parents. To complete his/her daily task, the driver should check inside the vehicle and approve the end of service. In this way, student and shuttle movement tracking during service hours can be achieved securely.

In-vehicle Control Systems

After taking attendance for each student, arriving at the school, and dropping off students in the morning, the shuttle driver should complete his/her work by scanning the QR barcode, placed on the backside of the shuttle, with a smartphone or by entering the password generated by the numerator, which is creating a different password every minute. Since this checking requires the driver to move to the backside of the vehicle, it is checked whether there are any forgotten students or items. Similarly, the driver approves the completion of service by checking inside the vehicle after dropping off his/her last student from the shuttle. When the completion of service is approved, the daily tally entries for the vehicle is made on vita ERP in which calculations for progress billings are made, and parents are informed about the vehicle’s arrival to the school, and its control.

school bus check message

The driver of an unchecked vehicle is warned by a notification first, and then a voice call. This information is also shared with the company officials. The information on the vehicle, that is not checked till the critical time, is shared with the school official and parent consecutively.

The Products Relevant with Student Transportation

vita APP Student
vita APP
Parent Mobile App
vita Monitor School
vita Monitor
School Bus Information Screen
vita Drive
vita Drive
Driver and Guide Mobile Application
vita ERP
vita ERP
Student Transportation Software


As part of student shuttle tracking, 7 different notifications are sent to parents via vita Drive driver app.

  • Notification for Upcoming Shuttle (Morning)
  • Notification Student Attendance (Morning)
  • Notification for the Shuttle’s Arrival to the School and In-vehicle Checking (Morning)
  • Notification Student Attendance (Evening)
  • Notification for the Shuttle’s Departure from the School (Evening)
  • Notification for Approaching Shuttle (Evening)
  • Notification for the Student Drop off (Evening)

Notifications are sent in three ways, SMS, Call or Push (In-app Notification). The notifications can be regulated by parents or the manager of the shuttle company, and the desired notification type can be allowed while others can be blocked. To be able to receive PUSH Notification, vita APP should be uploaded to parent’s phone.

Location Tracking

You can track the current vehicle location on the map, along with real traffic data, and can view the current speed of the vehicle. The shuttle location is updated every 3 seconds on the map screen.

Do you want to try?

For using the demo, share your information with us and we will reply to you at the earliest time.


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