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Available on IOS and Android platforms, it is a mobile app designed for shuttle drivers and drivers who transfer passengers; involving all needs of shuttle drivers including online vehicle tracking, detailed route and job information, notifications and reminders, and navigation.

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send job offers

Send Job Requests

To your driver, send periodical or one-time tasks that will be performed by them. In job details, information on the passenger list, start-finish location, and timing can be viewed. Your driver can view passengers or stations on the map and find addresses easily with navigational assistance.

Be your drivers reminded about upcoming tasks in advance. Your service failures can get noticed in advance and services that cannot be performed can be sent to the closest driver as a job offer. Manage all your shuttle movements via vita Drive:

  • Student and School Shuttles
  • Employee Shuttles, and Shuttles Used for Shift Changes
  • Rings and Shuttles
  • Corporate and Private Transfers

Inform Your Clients

Keep passenger lists on your driver’s phone. Request a roll call from your driver to be taken before or during the service. If there are changes in the service list, along with absentees or newly added passenger, let your driver view these in advance. You and your clients are informed when attendance is taken, or a point of arrival is been reached.

passenger information screens
vehicle tracking screen

Track Your Vehicles

Track the movement, location, and speed of your vehicles without having any other hardware on the vehicle. Report vehicle arrivals and speed limit violations. Determine your late vehicles.

With automatic tally keeping, check your vehicle’s movements and tasks that are performed. Do not pay for unrealized trips, prevent misentries.

Checking Tally Records with Drive

  • Location Checking
  • Attendance Checking
  • Time Checking
  • In-vehicle Checking
  • Passenger Boarding Control

Track your routes and work

Do more than guessing how much distance was covered by your vehicles and learn how much distance was covered for which task. Determine movement-based, accurate KM information, and determine the pricing based on the unit price.

You can track how much your rings or shuttles, that are priced based on a trip, have moved within certain hours during the day. Calculate your income and expenditure instantly.

route past movement monitoring screen

Additional Features and Hardware

bluetooth hub integration

Integration Bluetooth Hub

With the vita Drive Bluetooth HUB, you can make wireless data transmission between the driver’s mobile device and in-vehicle equipment, such as card readers, weight and heat-sensitive seat sensors that are required for student shuttles, and dash cameras.

Technical Features

ANDROID IOS Android Tablet
Minimum Requirements for an Operating System Android 6.0 or above IOS 11 or above Android 6.0 or above
App Size 47 MB 89,4 MB 47 MB
Current Version 1.3.7
Current Version 1.3.7
Month Average Internet Usage 120 MB 160 MB 120 MB
Permission for Location Access YES YES YES
Permission for Camera Access YES YES YES
Permission for Phone Access YES YES YES
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User Manual.pdf ( 0,8 MB )

Vita Drive, a job tracking mobile app for drivers is a mobile technology allowing you to view the current status of your fleet operations in real-time, and manage them, by using smartphone-based GPS.

You can use mobile job tracking technology in all passenger transportation models such as student and school bus, staff and factory service, shift services, ring services, transfer movements.

Any hardware including GPS device in your vehicle, tablet, etc. you don't have to keep it. The only thing you need for the system to work is your driver's smartphone with internet connection.

You can use the app via any smartphone or tablet with an internet connection, with an operating system of Android 6.0 (or above) or IOS 11 (or above).

For the student shuttle driver, who works 4 hours at peak days and 88 hours a month, the system is using 160 MB data on IOS devices and 120 MB data on Android devices on average a month.

With location, and speed, information that is updated in 3 seconds on average, you can start tracking your driver on a map when the app starts running on the driver’s smartphone.

In case your driver does not run the app 30 minutes before upcoming service, the driver is reminded about the service with a notification, and 20 minutes before the service start or picking up the first passenger, the driver is called by the system. You get informed about the entire process, enabling you to take precautions for your service failures in advance.

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