mobile vehicle tracking system

What is the Mobile Vehicle Tracking System?

Installed into a car, regular vehicle tracking systems are normally a navigation device, using GPS to track the vehicle’s movement and determine its location. Location data that are stored can be kept in a monitoring unit or be transferred online to a server or device mostly via a communication unit. This location data that is stored can be viewed in real-time on the map’s background, or later by using GPS tracking software to analyze parkour. Without requiring any installations, a mobile tracking system, running on the driver’s phone, is designed to track the vehicle’s driver within service hours.

Do not experience service failures in vehicle changes because of the tracking device.

With location data updated every 3 seconds on average, the mobile location tracking, running on the vita Drive app that is uploaded on drivers' smartphones, provides a good-quality tracking service. The driver can also reach information on speed, direction, and height. With the feature of running in the background, it provides uninterrupted service during receiving calls or checking other apps.

Do not bear the expenses of GPS vehicles for your subcontractors.

Why Mobile Tracking System with vita Drive ?

Mobile tracking system with vita Drive offers much more then vehicle tracking service.

  • You can share information on passengers and routes with your driver and ask them to take passenger attendance.
  • Your driver is notified by the app soon before the start of service or transfer.
  • With the navigation feature, your driver can receive voiced or video address descriptions via the app for unknown routes or newly added passengers.
  • The company owners and passengers can contact the driver via the app. All drivers can be notified regarding specials occasions.
  • Your drivers who finished the route can keep their own tally records. Your tally records are kept automatically by your driver. For the Automatic Tally System, please click here.

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In which passenger transportation models, it can be adapted?

You can use the mobile tracking system on any passenger transportation model that can be managed in vita ERP and vita Transfer.

  • Student and School Shuttles
  • Employee and Corporate Shuttles
  • Factory Shuttles, and Shuttles Used for Shift Changes
  • Rings and Shuttles
  • Shuttle for Teacher and Guides
  • Shuttle for Pilots and Flight Attendants
  • Tours and Transfers
Mobile tracking system with vitaDrive
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