Why the Student Tracking System?


It is easy to communicate with driver!

Via vita APP, communicate with your driver or shuttle guide with a single click. Reach information about your vehicle, follow the vehicle within service hours. By stating your address, get notifications from the vehicle.

I will not use the shuttle!

In case your student will not use the shuttle, you can share this information with shuttle company and shuttle driver via vita App on any time and any date. In case a student needs to take a different shuttle with a friend or to go to a different address, send a request to your company via screens of “Shuttle Change Requests” and follow the reply to your request on the app.

The safest way home from school!

Did my student take the shuttle bus?

Keep track of your student by receiving a call, SMS or in-app notification when he/she get on and get off the shuttle bus. By checking the vehicle with one of our in-vehicle control systems, get notified about the arrival of your child at home securely, the student drop-off and departing vehicle, along with information on location and timing.

When will the shuttle bus arrive?

Get notify via SMS, call or in-app notification when the shuttle is approaching your address and do not stress about waiting for, or missing, the shuttle. By managing the areas that you get notification on your own, decide when, and how early, you will be informed.

All Features


Available on IOS and Android platforms, a mobile app designed for parents of students; involving all needs of parents including online vehicle tracking, detailed shuttle bus information, notification settings, requests for shuttle usage, and online payment.

User Manual.pdf(1, 4 MB)
student bus information screen

Information on Shuttle Bus


You can view the shuttle information, the shuttle status, planned timing and order for picking-off-dropping-off, and the duration of the trip. Via the app, you can view shuttle information, as well as documents and information about the driver or shuttle responsible, and communicate via the app.

Shuttle Location


Within service hours, you can watch the shuttle movement live on a map and view vehicle’s speed. Reach a real-time traffic information with traffic density map. The app provides the best web-based location tracking service by updating location info every 3 seconds.

service location tracking screen
student notification and settings screen

Notification and Settings


You can view all notifications sent in the past and personalize your notifications. For notifications about approaching, attendance, and arrival, you can decide on notification types that you would like to receive including SMS, call, or in-app notification, and arrange the time sent of them.

notification types icons

Request for Different Shuttle Usage


Via shuttle info screen or absentee menu, you can notify your driver about your student’s absence until taking a shuttle. If your shuttle company approves, you can deliver your request for temporary service change (for example; dropping your friend at home).

student shuttle change screen
parent online payment screen

Payment Information


On the payment information screen, you can view your payment plan for shuttle service and make a payment to the shuttle company in one or more installments via app. You can see a remaining fee or return payment if applicable and view banking info of your shuttle company for transfer or electronic funds transfer (eft).

Driver and Guide Assessment

Evaluate the Service Personnel.

Evaluate the service driver and service guide you receive service from through the application. View the total score and ratings of the Driver / Guide. Your evaluations will be duly kept in full confidentiality.

Driver and Guide Assessment
student complaint and suggestion screen

Complaint and Suggestion


Send your suggestions and complaints about the service you receive to the service company via the application. Let the school administrators view your requests together with the service company officials. Let the tracking and stages of your registration be reported. For your questions and problems regarding the vita APP application, you can take advantage of the 24/7 Live Support service.



Via app, you can participate in surveys formed periodically by your service provider. In accordance with your replies, the service provider and school management make an evaluation of the driver, shuttle guide, shuttle, and general service and act on them.

survey screen

Additional Features and Hardware

student service control screen

In-vehicle Control Systems

After taking attendance for each student, arriving at the school, and dropping off students in the morning, the shuttle driver should complete his/her work by scanning the QR barcode, placed on the backside of the shuttle, with a smartphone or by entering the password generated by the numerator, which is creating a different password every minute. Since this checking requires the driver to move to the backside of the vehicle, it is checked whether there are any forgotten students or items. Similarly, the driver approves the completion of service by checking inside the vehicle after dropping off his/her last student from the shuttle. When the completion of service is approved, the daily tally entries for the vehicle is made on vitaERP, in which calculations for progress billing are made, and parents are informed about the vehicle’s arrival to the school, and its control.

Receive More Info

Dash Cameras and Sensors

In case receiving confirmation from all parents using the shuttle service, you can watch inside of the shuttle live during service hours via dash camera located on the shuttle. In case the shuttle is equipped with vitaSense Seat Occupancy Sensor, you can view the status of your student’s seat and in case the seat is still occupied, you and the driver can get notification simultaneously. Via the heat sensor, you can instantly view the heat inside the vehicle.

vehicle camera and sensors screen
learner app screen

Driver Job Tracking Mobile Application

vita Drive Driver Job Tracking Mobile Application is our application that takes student attendance by the drivers (or service guide) and enables them to follow the movements, positions, vehicle speeds of the vehicles without any other equipment in the vehicle. When the drivers start the service through the application, check the interior of the vehicle and finish it, the progress payments are made automatically in the vita ERP system of the service company. Vita ERP users can check the entry and exit times of their vehicles to the institution, when, where, where they were picked up / dropped off, the students waiting for the service, the track of the planned route of the service and the actual route on the map, km and speed information, etc. They can view and report many information they may need through this application.

Get More Information
Request it from Your Shuttle Company or School.

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Technical Features

Minimum Requirements for an Operating System Android 5.0 or above IOS 11 or above
App Size 11 MB 50.3 MB
Current Version 1.3.6 4.3
Last Update Date 31 Mart 2020 1 Nisan 2020
Permission for Location Access YES YES
Permission for Camera Access YES YES
Permission for Phone Access YES YES
Links for Download

Do you have any questions?

User Manual.pdf ( 1,4 MB )

All parents of service receiving organizations (a school or shuttle company), which are registered in the vita ERP system, can login to it. If the service is not provided by the school or shuttle company, service usage can be started by their requests.

In vita ERP system, all parents authorized on behalf of a student can use the app and get notifications. For one student, an unlimited number of parents can be authorized. In case you declare it to your shuttle company, required procedures will be done.

You need to check your notification settings; you will not be sent notifications in case they are not activated. Additionally, in case your driver is not using the app, notification, or location tracking will not be active. You can view such a case on the app. In case your problem continues, contact your shuttle company or us.

Student records are registered to the system by the shuttle company. You should contact yours in case you receive warning for an incorrect Turkish identity number or phone number.

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