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Learn answers to your questions about shuttle service with one click, experience trouble-free, and quality shuttle service!
  • Which student is transported at which shuttle?
  • Are shuttles arriving on time?
  • Do shuttles comply with a speed limit in the traffic?
  • For how long students make shuttles wait?
  • Are documents of student shuttles, drivers and shuttle guides complete?
  • Do students get on to/get off from shuttles at their home address?
  • How much time students spend on the shuttle?
  • Which vehicles are running late and why?
  • How much time is required to cover routes?
  • How many parents are complaining about the service, how these complaints were replied to?

All Features


Designed for school principals, it is a tracking screen on a web platform; it covers all needs of school officials including online vehicle tracking, detailed shuttle information, speed limit violations, student boarding-alighting, suggestions, and complaints, of parents, and reports.

all service information screen
service information icon


List all information on employee shuttle and view routes and passengers on a map collectively. View information and documents of the driver. Determine documents that are expired. View the estimated travel time and distance of shuttle, along with beginning and end points. Regarding employees, view information on timing and station info for boarding/alighting the shuttle, the time they spend on the it along with their walking distance. Export the shuttle list in excel or PDF form.

live data icon history tracking icon reports icon


Instantly track all vehicles used in service and view their previous movements. View vehicle brands and models, as well as their documents, and determine expired documents.

vehicle tracking screen

Live Data

View current locations, and speed, of vehicles and shuttles on the map. Track vehicle boardings, made either with a card or vita APP, on the map.

live data

Tracking the History

Watch the vehicle movement, made within the selected date range, on a map. View its average and maximum speed. View the distance covered within the selected date range.

tracking the history


View the vehicle entries-exits, made within the selected date range, to the organization. Detect the early and delayed entries-exits. Report about speed limit violations, made within the selected date range.

landing and boarding icon

Boarding- Alighting

View the total number of students within the selected date range. Learn the occupancy rate of school shuttles, in proportion to a vehicle capacity. Get informed by viewing the student boarding-alighting time to shuttle, and the shuttle they use, on the map.

instant fill rate page
suggestion and complaint screen
suggestion and complaint screen

Suggestion and Complaint

View the parent complaints about the school shuttle service. If you have complaints, send them to the shuttle company via the same screen. While you and parents reporting a complaint, upload a photograph, or a file in any format. Keep track of the explanation and application made for your complaints. Archive all your complaints.

monitor reports icon


Hareket dökümü, araç girişleri, yolcu binişleri ve hız aşımları gibi toplu rapor ekranlarından dilediğiniz bilgiye en hızlı şekilde ulaşın. Özel olarak talep ettiğiniz rapor olursa tarafımıza ulaşın ve sizin için geliştirelim.

monitor reports screen
vehicle control tablet screen
vehicle inspection icon

Vehicle Inspection

You can enable to inspect vehicles periodically and you can view the inspection results and applications that were made, along with the visuals of vehicles, and report on them.

Additional Features and Hardware

student service control screen
service control icon

In-vehicle Control Systems

After taking attendance for each student, arriving at the school, and dropping off students in the morning, the shuttle driver should complete his/her work by scanning the QR barcode, placed on the backside of the shuttle, with a smartphone or by entering the password generated by the numerator, which is creating a different password every minute. Since this checking requires the driver to move to the backside of the vehicle, it is checked whether there are any forgotten students or items. Similarly, the driver approves the completion of service by checking inside the vehicle after dropping off his/her last student from the shuttle. When the completion of service is approved, the daily tally entries for the vehicle is made on vitaERP, in which calculations for progress billing are made, and parents are informed about the vehicle’s arrival to the school, and its control.

Daha Fazla Bilgi Alın
vehicle camera icon

Dash Cameras and Sensors

In case receiving confirmation from all parents using the shuttle service, you can watch inside of the shuttle live during service hours via dash camera located on the shuttle. In case the shuttle is equipped with vitaSense Seat Occupancy Sensor, you can view the status of your student’s seat and in case the seat is still occupied, you and the driver can get notification simultaneously. Via the heat sensor, you can instantly view the heat inside the vehicle.

vehicle camera and sensors screen

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