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Learn answers to your questions about shuttle service with one click, experience trouble-free, and quality shuttle service!
  • Which passenger is transported in which shuttle?
  • Are shuttles arriving on time?
  • Do shuttles comply with the speed limit in the traffic?
  • How many passengers are transported in shuttles and what are their occupancy rates?
  • From which stations passengers are boarding-alighting the shuttle?
  • Are documents on the vehicle and driver complete?
  • For the shuttle company, what is the amount of progress billing to date?
  • Are there any stations which the shuttle is not passing through?
  • What are the clients’ complaints and were any adjustments made?
  • What are the complaints of the passengers, has the arrangement been made?

All Features


Designed for business managers, it is a tracking screen on a web platform; it covers all needs of company officials including online vehicle tracking, detailed shuttle information, speed limit violations, passenger boarding-alighting, suggestions, and complaints, of parents, reports, and online agreement.

all personnel shuttle route information screen
company service information icon


List all information on employee shuttle and view routes and passengers on a map collectively. View information and documents of the driver. Determine documents that are expired. View the estimated travel time and distance of shuttle, along with beginning and end points. Regarding employees, view information on timing and station info for boarding/alighting the shuttle, the time they spend on the it along with their walking distance. Export the shuttle list in excel or PDF form.

staff service live data icon personnel service history tracking icon staff service reports icon


Instantly track all vehicles used in service and view their previous movements. View vehicle brands and models, as well as their documents, and determine expired documents.

vehicle tracking screen

Live Data

View current locations, and speed, of vehicles and shuttles on the map. Track vehicle boardings, made either with a card or vita APP, on the map.

live data

Tracking History

Watch the vehicle movement, made within the selected date range, on a map. View its average and maximum speed. View the distance covered within the selected date range.

tracking history


View the vehicle entries-exits, made within the selected date range, to the organization. Detect the early and delayed entries-exits. Report about speed limit violations, made within the selected date range.

staff service landing and boarding icon

Boarding- Alighting

View the total number of passengers within the selected date range. Learn the occupancy rate of employee shuttles, in proportion to a vehicle capacity. Get informed by viewing the passenger boarding-alighting time to shuttle, and the shuttle they use, on the map.

instant fill rate page
online reconciliation screen
online consensus icon

Online Reconciliation

Daily, weekly, or monthly, view your shuttle’s scorecards that consists of the route activity or extra tasks. Track your payments instantly. Do online reconciliation with your shuttle company for a determined date range.

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monitor reports icon


Instantly track all vehicles used in service and view their previous movements. View vehicle brands and models, as well as their documents, and determine expired documents.

monitor reports icon
suggestion and complaint screen
staff service suggestion and complaint icon

Suggestion and Complaint

View passengers’ complaints about the employee shuttle service. If you have complaints, send them to the shuttle company via the same screen. While you and your passengers are reporting a complaint, upload a photograph, or a file in any format. Keep track of the explanation, and application, made for your complaints. Archive all your complaints.

Additional Features and Hardware

mobile boarding screens

How Does It Work?

Passengers take a shuttle by reading QR Code attached to the vehicle entrance via an app installed on their phones. Information on location, person, vehicle, route, and time that are obtained via passengers’ phones are evaluated and reported within the system. Drivers can instantly check all vehicle boardings via the “vita Drive” app designed for them, or screens of passenger app/driver app.

monitor qr reader icon

Mobile Passenger Boarding System

Without any installation and expenditure on hardware, it is now possible to check vehicle boarding, and to report them instantly, thanks to the “vita APP” Passenger Mobile App, which is available both on OS and Android platforms, installed on passengers’ phones. Via Mobile App, it is possible to instantly report on vehicles’ current occupancy rate and which passenger boarded which shuttle, from where, and when. At the same time, hour-based or location-based reports about heavy demand, or other reports that can be used for analytical purposes, can be obtained via the “vita Monitor” system in case of need. Mobile Boarding System contains two different payment options for tourism companies. Passengers can load an online balance by creating a digital wallet via the app and for every boarding, a relevant balance is deducted from the digital wallet. As an alternative option, it is possible to make collective payment with the passenger scorecard by making an agreement with the company/school on limited-unlimited boarding rights given to passengers.

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monitor driver job tracking icon

Job Tracking App for Drivers

You can track the movement, location, and speed of your vehicle via Driver App without any other hardware. You can report on vehicle arrival and speed limit violations. By automatic tally processing, you can follow your vehicles’ movement and activities that are done, and you can prepare scoreboard and progress billings by receiving direct information from drivers. You can calculate how much distance your vehicles have covered for which activity. You can determine movement-based, accurate KM information, and determine the pricing based on the unit price. You can track how much your rings or shuttles, that are priced based on trip, have moved within certain hours during the day. You can calculate your income and expenditure instantly.

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personnel service driver job tracking application screens
card service boarding screens
boarding icon with monitor card

Passenger Boarding Pass System

You can provide instant tracking of card reading data on passenger boarding by connecting the card reading device in the vehicle with a Bluetooth interface installed inside the vehicle, which only functions with a driver app called the vita Drive. In this way, you can provide your organization with a boarding pass system per vehicle at a low cost and evaluate the vehicle’s occupancy rate instantly.

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